Published Rapid Community Reports

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The Rapid Community Report (RCR) Series shares findings and insights in the quickly evolving, interdisciplinary fields of learning sciences and technology. Researchers ordinarily share such information in journal publications, but these tend to appear late in a project’s lifecycle. Conferences (such as ICLS and CSCL) allow timely sharing but rarely communicate to an audience beyond the limited number of attendees. The RCR series is meant to be complementary to these existing publication venues and to allow rapid, early dissemination of research-based ideas.

To submit a Rapid Community Report, please see the instructions for authors.

Beyond Transcripts and GPAs: An NSF Workshop on Digital Micro-credentials for Use in College Admissions

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The “Micro-Credentials as Evidence for College Readiness” NSF-supported workshop was held at the University

Primer: Remote Labs

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Labs are widely considered to be essential to learning science and engineering, because labs

Primer: Design-Based Implementation Research

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For innovative educational programs, products, and policies to be implemented successfully across diverse settings,

Robots, Young Children, & Alternative Input Methods

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Research and development of social robotic applications for young children have been growing rapidly

Assessing Collaborative Processes via Instrumented Working Spaces

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We report outcomes from the Working Group on Instrumented Learning Spaces (WGILS), a two-day

Embodied Design for Mathematical Imagination and Cognition

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Embodied Mathematical Imagination and Cognition is an emerging theoretical framework that seeks to explain

How Might Digital Micro-Credentials Help Youth Aspiring to Go to College?

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The Informal Ed to Higher Ed workshop focused on how digital micro-credentials earned in

Reflections on redesigning a museum-based maker program for clubs in autism inclusion middle schools

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A multidisciplinary panel was assembled to review and reflect on the design of an

How a New Focus for Learning Analytics Could Transform the Relationship Between Learning and Employment

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Based on an NSF-funded workshop, we discuss learning analytics goals and research priorities for

Weaving the Fabric of Adaptive STEM Learning Environments Across Domains and Settings

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This report reflects on an open-invitation design workshop designed to construct needed new collaborations

Distributed Collaboration in STEM-Rich Project-Based Learning

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This report discusses outcomes from a workshop focused on distributed collaboration of K16 STEM