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Arun Balajiee Lekshmi Narayanan

Headshot of Arun Balajiee
Arun Balajiee Lekshmi Narayanan is a Ph.D. student in the Intelligent Systems Program at

Jonathan Foster: Advancing Argumentation with AI

Jonathan Foster: Advancing Argumentation with AI
Dr. Jonathan Foster researches how human language and computer vision technologies, imbued with AI,

Greg Chung

Greg Chung
Greg Chung is the Associate Director of Technology and Research Innovation at the University

Carly Leannah: Language Equality for Deaf Learners

Carly Leannah: Language Equality for Deaf Learners
Carly Leannah researches how learning American Sign Language shapes learners’ embodied cognition processes.

Samiha Marwan: Programming Gets Easier Through Feedback

Woman wearing hijab, glasses, and black graduation cap and gown..
Dr. Samiha Marwan advances students’ learning by designing automated solutions for timely and meaningful

Aditi Mallavarapu: Supporting Large Groups’ Open-Ended Learning

Woman with dark hair tied back looks at camera and smiles with teeth. Tree trunks in background.
Dr. Aditi Mallavarapu designs intelligent aids to support collaborative, open-ended learning.

Martina Rau

Martina Rau headshot
Martina Rau is the director of the Learning, Representations, & Technology lab and Associate

Reneé Cassuto

Reneé Casuto headshot
Reneé Cassuto is CEO/Co-Founder at OT App Design, LLC, a research and development company.

Jewoong Moon: All Students Playfully Learn Together

Male looks at camera, closed mouth smile. Short black hair, glasses, and suit and tie.
Dr. Jewoong Moon develops inclusive learning environments to support underrepresented students with disabilities.

Francisco Castro: Empowering People Through Creative Computing

Man with wire rim glasses  smiles at the camera with teeth. Wears a checkered button down shirt
Dr. Francisco Castro empowers learners through human-centered design of creative technologies.

Angela Stewart: Tech that Takes Back Power

Dr. Angela Stewart
Dr. Angela Stewart creates educational technologies that empower teachers and students of color.

Ryan Baker

Profile picture white man with glasses.
Ryan Baker is a tenured Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

David Lockett

Profile picture black man with glasses wearing a dark blue suit and dark blue tie.
David Lockett is an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Emeritus.

Melissa Rasberry

Melissa Rasberry
Melissa Rasberry is the Director of Professional Learning and Leading at the Friday Institute.

Sarah Costello

Woman with medium length straight brown hair smiles at camera. Wearing white tank top with a blue geometric pattern.
Sarah Costello is the Director of Educational Technology at the Julia Morgan School.

Sherry Hsi

Sherry Hsi Headshot
Dr. Sherry Hsi is a principal scientist at BSCS Science Learning.