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Classroom (co)Orchestration

This report summarizes current research related to classroom (co)orchestration, a concept that describes how teachers and students negotiate social configurations and technological tools so that learning can occur. Classroom orchestration refers to tech tool management and workflows undertaken solely by the teacher, and classroom (co)orchestration describes when these tools and workflows are co-negotiated by teachers and students in learning environments. In addition to providing the scholarly background, this report details issues of interest to practicing educators, educational researchers, and technologists. Finally, this report details opportunities and challenges for scholars and practitioners who collaborate to build knowledge elucidating classroom (co)orchestration, so that this knowledge can inform the design and scaling of educational technologies and practices, as well as the educational systems in which they are situated.

Citation: Schindler, E., & Saxena, P. (2022). Classroom (co)orchestration. Rapid
Community Report Series. Digital Promise and the International Society of the Learning Sciences.
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