CIRCLS’23: Overview and Theme

Shaping AI and Emerging Technologies to Empower Learning Communities
November 2-3, 2023

Thank you to those who attended!

About Our Theme: Shaping AI and Emerging Technologies to Empower Learning Communities

The CIRCLS’23 theme, “Shaping AI and Emerging Technologies to Empower Learning Communities” calls for attendees to prioritize educational goals and values as we design and investigate AI and other emerging technologies. The theme builds on the prior CIRCLS’21 theme of “remaking broadening” and our shared aspiration to move beyond “broadening” to “empowering” learning, teachers, and learning community partners. This theme recognizes the broad surge in AI and emerging technology capabilities. We see a shift from a rapid technology proliferation perspective to instead a considerate and thoughtful design process that strives for equity by enabling teachers and learners to shape their own experiences. We seek to build on greater public awareness of generative AI. And yet, when we play with the letters “AI,” we realize there is so much more to center in our conversations. As attendees share their research and collectively prioritize future explorations and investigations, our theme envisions a future where learning communities are empowered by ethical technologies grounded in sound, inclusive principles and strong partnerships.

Participants brought explorations and investigations to the convening that reflected the breadth of research in our community and the RETTL Program. CIRCLS has a history of highly interactive, engaging, informative, and thought-provoking discussions through panels, roundtables, and expertise connections.

Topics addressed during the convening included:

  • Emerging Technologies such as Machine Learning, Generative AI, Augmented Reality, Assistive Technologies and more
  • Advances in Learning Sciences Methods and Theories
  • Equity, Ethics and related design concepts (responsible or human-centered design)
  • Insights on improving learning in specific STEM and broader subjects.
  • Research in educational settings for learning in formal educational institutions and informal settings like museums