Five Ways CIRCLS Can Help You

CIRCLS builds community among researchers, practitioners, developers and other education stakeholders around the connected issues of emerging technologies, learning sciences, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. By working together, we can improve together: we can address common needs; plan for the future; and create broader impact.

1. Find opportunities and strengthen your proposals

2. Amplify your work and grow your reputation

  • Promote your news through our social media channels and tag us to retweet
  • Share your perspective
  • Spotlight your project
  • Announce job searches
  • Co-lead an expertise exchange
  • Join the program committee for our events or the editorial board for our publications

3. Increase the diversity of our community

  • Bring someone new to a CIRCLS event
  • Mentor a newcomer to our field
  • Suggest people, projects, and content to feature in our newsletters, on our website, and in our social media posts

4. Engage in a network that tackles challenges together

  • Attend a CIRCLS meeting (an extension of a PI meeting)
  • Share work that strengthens diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Join a working group on challenges in AI & education
  • Write a synthesis or consensus report with colleagues

5. Publish insights and findings; broaden your audience

  • Participate in a paper roundtable or gallery walk (poster) session
  • Write a Rapid Community Report (a primer, a workshop outcomes report, or a design reflection)
  • Create a video for the STEM for All Video Showcase
  • Inform policymakers, practitioners, and others what we, as a research community, are learning across multiple projects.