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Research on Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning (RETTL)

Please Note: CIRCLS has no role in NSF decisions about solicitations or awards. For questions that need official answers, contact the program officers listed in the solicitation. See 5 Ways CIRCLS Can Help You for what we can do.

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Prior Cyberlearning Reports

Relevant CIRCL Reports

RETTL supersedes the cyberlearning programs. These earlier reports provide useful analysis of characteristics of successful cyberlearning projects.

Prior Cyberlearning Projects

Prior Projects

Knowing what has been funded in the past can help you analyze the ingredients of a successful proposal and build on prior accomplishments in the field.

CIRCLS Thoughts

CIRCLS Thoughts

    Although we cannot predict how peer reviewers for this competition will score proposals and we have no influence on NSF award decisions, we observe that past successful projects have envisioned a teaching or learning scenario that cannot be achieved using today’s commonplace technology applications; they explore emerging learning technologies for a future that is 5-10 years away. As research proposals, they produce knowledge — whether the resulting technological product will be further developed or scaled is less important. The knowledge arises from a convergent or interdisciplinary team addressing research questions that could lead to contributions to the three fields: learning sciences, computational sciences, and diversity, equity and inclusion in education. The methods used to address the research questions emphasize exploratory and design research methods ( research methods that estimate effect sizes or that seek to establish efficacy are not essential). The research may result in opening up a new type of educational application that few were considering or generate the knowledge that will make designs of emerging learning technologies much more equitable, safe, and/or effective.

Other Funding Programs

Other Funding Programs