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Assessing Collaborative Processes via Instrumented Working Spaces

We report outcomes from the Working Group on Instrumented Learning Spaces (WGILS), a two-day convening of experts from the fields of learning sciences, human computer interaction, organizational studies, and learning analytics. The working group focused in particular on understanding and supporting collaborative project-based work in multifunction environments such as makerspaces. Considering the current state of consumer-level technology, we explored what person- and room-mounted sensors can reveal about collaborative processes in project-based learning spaces. Going beyond the theoretical, we implemented a fast-and-cheap data collection using ourselves as research subjects in a collaborative task. Viewing instrumented learning spaces are socio-techno-cognitive systems, this report is aimed at researchers who wish to advance the potential of such systems to illuminate complex social learning phenomena.

Bergner, Y. & Fayard, AL. (2021). Assessing Collaborative Processes via Instrumented Working Spaces. In Rapid Community Report Series.

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