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Educator CIRCLS aims to bridge research with classroom practice and broaden the community of people involved in CIRCLS. We invite teachers or educators to join us or share this information with those you think may be interested in joining. We are looking for a diverse group of educators and classroom teachers who are interested in sharing their experiences implementing innovative learning technologies, or are just interested in learning more about emerging technologies for teaching and learning. If you are interested in joining, please fill out this form.

We also invite readers of the blog to share feedback and ideas through comments. We hope this blog is a useful resource for people interested in the design and development of innovative learning technologies that are informed by and inform our understanding of the processes of learning.

Posts on this site are developed by individuals and small teams, and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. If you use content from this site, please cite the post and consider adding: “Used under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.”

Supporting Computationally Rich C...

Image shows a hand holding the micro:bit inserted into the Gator:bit with alligator-clip wires connecting the gator:bit to the microphone sensor.
This post was written by a member of the SchoolWide Labs research team, about their experience during the pandemic and what they learned from middle
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Artificial Intelligence in Educat...

AI Icon
A Critical AI reading list focused on education and efforts to promote equity in the field.
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Learning with and from Artificial...

Learning with and from Artificial Intelligence-Driven Analytics
How can we design AI that is safe, equitable, and effective in both assessing and promoting learning?
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Humanizing AI Research in Educati...

Headshot of woman with black hair, a white wall in the background.
What are the current issues in AI research for education? How can broadening community engagement help us in addressing and mitigating these issues?
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CIRCLS meet NEXUS! Exploring Lear...

Paittbrushes with different colors of paint
Let’s think about our research of the future so we can be more inclusive. Who do we involve, where do we do it, what do
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Ambitious Mashups in Out of Schoo...

Ambitious Mashups Icon
Out of school learning is fundamental to providing students with unique and enriching learning experiences. CIRCL projects have brought ambitious mash-ups outside of the classroom.
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Reflections on the AI and Learnin...

Reflections on the AI and Learning Environments Webinar: Classroom Orchestration
This post explores AI systems helping students directly and teachers coordinating the learning environment in the context of the AI and Learning Environments Webinar.
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Educator Spotlight: Marni Landry

Headshot of woman with short hair, glasses, earings wearing a white shirt with a pointy collar and a blazer.
Marni has been the K-12 STEM Outreach Manager at Grand Canyon University for three and half years where she spends her time coordinating STEM professional
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