About Us

CIRCLS supports research on emerging technologies for learning, especially emphasizing research that integrates computer science and learning sciences perspectives. We are funded by the National Science Foundation to support NSF-awarded projects in the RETTL program, in former “cyberlearning” programs, and in other related programs — and we aim to share open access resources to help everyone exploring the frontiers of learning technology. We welcome any interested person to join the conversation and we especially encourage participation of individuals and groups who have been minoritized in the computing and learning sciences community. See 5 Ways CIRCLS Can Help You.

Digital Promise

Jeremy RoschelleJeremy Roschelle
Principal Investigator
Judi FuscoJudi Fusco
Co-Principal Investigator
Carly ChillmonCarly Chillmon
Jonathan PittmanJonathan Pittman Pati RuizPati Ruiz


SRI Education

Shari GardnerShari Gardner
Co-Principal Investigator


Sarita Nair-PillaiSarita Nair-Pillai
Co-Principal Investigator
Wendy MartinWendy Martin Joyce Malyn-SmithJoyce Malyn-Smith


University of Pittsburgh

Erin WalkerErin Walker
Co-Principal Investigator
Leah FriedmanLeah FriedmanResearch Consultant


Postdoctoral Researchers

Dalila Dragnić-CindrićDalila Dragnić-Cindrić Michael Chang Aditi Mallavarapu



Kevin Brown, Alina Von Davier, Cindy Hmelo-Silver, Diane Litman, Craig Watkins, Marcelo Worsley