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Overcoming Barriers to Teaching Regulation of Learning

Return to Educator CIRCLS by Sarah Hampton and Dr. Dalila Dragnić-Cindrić In our two previous blog posts, we talked about students’ individual self-regulated learning (SRL), group-level, social regulation of learning (SoRL), and why it’s important to explicitly teach both alongside our content (Hampton & Dragnić-Cindrić, 2023a, 2023b). The link between students’ effective self-regulated learning and […]

Social Regulation of Learning and Insights for Educators

by Sarah Hampton and Dr. Dalila Dragnić-Cindrić In the first post of this series (Hampton & Dragnić-Cindrić, 2023), we focused primarily on individual student’s self-regulated learning (SRL), explained the related key terms and ideas, and discussed why it is important to teach SRL alongside subject content. In this post, we will focus on regulation of […]

AI and Formative Assessment

In this post, we explore why AI is well-suited for formative assessment.We are still at the beginning of our conversation around AI in Education. What do you think? Do the possible benefits excite you? Do the possible risks concern you?