AI and Education Policy

Join the Expertise Exchange: AI and Ed Policy

Come join our Expertise Exchange surrounding AI and Education Policy. We will reflect on how our community’s research intersects with national and international policy documents and then develop actionable recommendations for local policy decisions. This exchange will take place in a series of meetings from March through May 2021, and we seek the involvement of faculty members, researchers, postdocs, graduate students, policy experts, and stakeholders such as K-12 teachers and district representatives. Participants can expect to explore policy-related resources, have active discussions surrounding policy issues, and generate a meaningful plan of action, with plenty of opportunities to inform the direction and outcomes of the group. If you are interested in joining, please fill out this form.

Introducing AI & Policy Expertise Exchange at CIRCLS

Come join our Expertise Exchange surrounding AI and Education Policy! We’re building a community of stakeholders in academia, industry, non-profits, and K-12 education to learn about and develop policy recommendations at the intersection of AI and education.

These working group meetings, which we kicked off on March 9th, are a collective learning and teaching effort, taking shape based on the needs and interests of the group’s members. We plan to dive into national, international, and local policy and leverage our members’ collective disciplinary expertise to enable more participation in policy making. We specifically invite educators to participate in these meetings to increase idea exchanges between different learning sciences communities and promote educators’ input into policies that will ultimately affect their teaching practices.

Over the course of three months (March-May, 2021), we will be hosting speakers, holding policy reading groups, having panel discussions, and participating in brainstorming and planning sessions to work towards actionable policy recommendations. We hope to post more resources and outcomes here as these groups progress so keep checking back.

If you are interested in joining the AI & Ed Policy Expertise Exchange, at any point in the next three months, contact us. We look forward to meeting you and working with you!