AI CIRCLS Project Incubator 2022

UPDATE: The open application period has ended. Thank you to everyone who submitted their application. We were incredibly excited to review such interesting project ideas and look forward to convening a great cohort in the next few months.

Announcing AI CIRCLS Project Incubator 2022: Literacy and Artificial Intelligence
The Center for Integrative Research in the Computing and Learning Sciences (CIRCLS) will be holding a “project incubator” on the topic of Literacy and Artificial Intelligence through its AI CIRCLS Working Groups. We will be convening community partners, educators, learning scientists, computer scientists, and social scientists to participate.

Our aim is to bring together interdisciplinary teams to ideate research proposals that are relevant to community partners, educators, learning scientists, computer scientists, and social scientists. Over the course of a few months, we will provide a dedicated space and structure for ideating research ideas, and offer resources to support grant writing, especially related to future submissions to the National Science Foundation’s Request for Proposals for Research on Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning (NSF RETTL RFP for which the next deadline is expected to be October 2022).

We’re especially excited to approach ideating research by brainstorming the kinds of future we see for literacy and educational technology and work backward to create projects. We are looking to center equity and justice frameworks, mutually beneficial community partnerships, and responsible/ethical AI, and invite researchers in the social sciences with an interest in education and/or emerging technologies to apply for the project incubator. We also invite K-12 educators, representatives of informal science centers, and members of community organizations to participate.

For the purposes of this project incubator, we are drawing our definition of literacy from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language and the National Council of Teachers of English (see definition here). This includes language-related literacies like reading, writing, speaking, etc., but also expands the definition of literacy to include skills that are useful to synthesizing and presenting information in today’s media/information-rich environments.

The project incubator will run from April through July 2022 and will require 1.5 hours of your time for biweekly/weekly meetings (about 8-10 meetings total), as well as some additional time outside of meetings to complete additional tasks.

We will be offering individual participants an honorarium for the project incubator (amount to be posted shortly). If we, as organizers of the project incubator, compile any public materials or publications based on the workshop, we will offer participants a chance to review and consent to any opinions of theirs that are reflected and will offer the option to be acknowledged as a contributor or co-author of the work. We hope that participants will initiate their own collaborations/research as a result of this project incubator, in which case they would have full autonomy over the direction of their research and resulting publications.

Application Information
You must be based in the U.S. to participate and should consider applying for this project incubator if:

  • You are a researcher in any of the above-mentioned fields (e.g. learning science, computing, etc.) looking to connect with research and community partners in different fields. You must be able to PI or Co-PI proposals at your institution/organization to be considered.
  • AND/OR You are in any social science field (e.g., sociology, anthropology, African American studies, gender studies, etc.) and are interested in interdisciplinary partnerships to study education, emerging technologies, or a related field. You must be able to PI or Co-PI proposals at your institution/organization to be considered.
  • AND/OR You are an educator, a member of a community organization, or work at an informal education center (such as a museum) with an interest in partnering with researchers to study literacy and/or emerging educational technology.

We are expecting to accept ~20 people to participate in this incubator.

The application requires that you submit an answer to the following:

  • Please briefly propose a project at the intersection of AI-based emerging educational technology and literacy. Describe the motivation for the project, the project idea, the broader impacts you hope this project will have, and the kinds of organizations or individuals you would hope to partner with. If you are in academia, describe the research contributions. If you are an educator, informal science organization, or community organization, how do you imagine this project serving your organization and/or community? This does not have to be a completely fleshed out idea, we’re just looking to understand what you’re interested in pursuing right now. (~400-600 words)
  • Why are you interested in this project incubator opportunity? (~250 words)
  • Please describe an initiative you’ve taken part in that centered issues of equity and/or social justice. Alternatively, please define what equity, inclusion, and/or social justice means to you. (~250 words)

Incubator Start Date: Late March 2022

These applications will only be reviewed by members of the CIRCLS team. This is not an application for direct project funding from the NSF RETTL program.