CIRCLS AI & Education Policy Initiative Two: Policy brief on federal guidelines for AI in EdTech

During CIRCLS AI and Education Policy working group, we synthesized a set of recommendations to encourage more ethical AI in education technology development. We hope this will spur continuous discussion about policy solutions.

Call to Action for Legislators
Artificial intelligence is being leveraged by educators to improve, personalize, and individualize learning to increase student achievement. At the same time, the limitations of current systems have led to numerous potential risks, such as bias, misguidance, and inequity. Given the potential harm that comes from unfettered implementation and utilization of AI-driven systems in education, we recommend legislators consider adopting policies to protect students.

Marlo Barnett, Nancy Blaire Black, Cameron Fadjo, Faby Gagne, Kip Glazer, David Jarboe, Pooja Saxena

Read the recommendations here.

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