AI CIRCLS and JCHE Collaboration

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AI CIRCLS is looking for up to five PhD students and/or postdocs whose work centers around themes related to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and social justice in educational technology to participate on a CIRCLS Emerging Scholar Advisory Board (AB) for an upcoming Journal of Computing in Higher Education Special Issue on AI and Education Equity in Higher Ed. From the period of November 2023-July 2024, advisory board members will consult on requirements for how articles in the special issue engage with ideas related to equity, as well as interact with potential authors directly to answer questions and give feedback on their work. The Advisory Board will give an invited panel at the online ELAI 2023 Conference (Oct. 23-35), and be co-authors on the Introduction to the Special Issue. Each Advisory Board member will additionally choose either: (1) up to an $1000 travel reimbursement to present at the December ELAI in-person meeting (Dec. 5-7); or (2) an $1000 honorarium for their participation in the board. If you would like to participate, please
submit an application by Sept. 22.