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Educator CIRCLS aims to bridge research with classroom practice and broaden the community of people involved in CIRCLS. We invite teachers or educators to join us or share this information with those you think may be interested in joining. We are looking for a diverse group of educators and classroom teachers who are interested in sharing their experiences implementing innovative learning technologies, or are just interested in learning more about emerging technologies for teaching and learning. If you are interested in joining, please fill out this form.

We also invite readers of the blog to share feedback and ideas through comments. We hope this blog is a useful resource for people interested in the design and development of innovative learning technologies that are informed by and inform our understanding of the processes of learning.

Posts on this site are developed by individuals and small teams, and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. If you use content from this site, please cite the post and consider adding: “Used under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.”

Reflections on the AI and Learnin...

Eduators, Artificial Intelligence, and the future of Learning
This post discusses a webinar designed to help practitioners, AI researchers, and developers share their perspectives on how artificial intelligence can be used in the
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Why practitioners’ voices matter ...

typewriter with white paper
If an amazing research finding on teaching and learning never sees the light of day, did the research really matter?
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How to Have a Good Convening

How to Have a Good Convening
Educator CIRCLS hosted a virtual orientation on Thursday, July 15th focused on How to have a good (virtual) convening.
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Starting a Conversation between P...

Old rotarly phone
What an expert dreams up, no matter how good, will not make any impact unless the practitioners embrace it and use it for their students.
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The Practitioner Orientation for ...

The Practitioner Orientation for the CIRCLS’21 Convening
Register for the Practitioner Orientation for the CIRCLS’21 Convening.
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Book Review: Design Justice: Comm...

Design Jusice book cover
At educator CIRCLS we are having conversation around AI in Education, central to these are thes design justice principles described in this post.
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Explainable AI for Responsible AI

Light sign question mark in a box
There are several advantages to understanding how AI-enabled systems arrive at specific outputs. Read this post to learn more.
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Learning from Gaming

Post Title and laptop
Learn how pedagogy comes into play when incorporating educational games.
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