Educator CIRCLS ’24 Summer Series

Are you a teacher or school administrator interested in innovations in Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies for teaching and learning? Join the Educator CIRCLS community to share knowledge, gain new connections, and learn about the latest in technology and research. Educator CIRCLS will be hosting another summer series of webinars for professional learning and networking opportunities (see our Educator CIRCLS’23 Summer Series for previous session recordings and presentation slides). Don’t miss this chance to shape emerging technologies and empower learning communities!

Schedule for Summer Series Sessions:

CRAFTing Better Learning Experiences: Infusing GenAI in Education Effectively and Ethically

July 16 from 10-11:30 am PT/12-1:30 pm CT/1-2:30 pm ET
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Facilitators: Andrew Fenstermaker, Sarah Hampton, and Drew Olssen

Come join us for an interactive session on leveraging GenAI while you Create, Review, Amplify, Fine-tune, and Transform learning experiences for your students. We’ll show you how to take your lessons to the next level—from simple substitutions to complete redefinitions—by integrating AI in a way that’s grounded in solid teaching principles with ethical considerations using the CRAFT, CARE, and SAMR frameworks and the National Ed Tech Plan. Whether you’re new to AI or have some experience, you’ll leave with practical ideas and strategies to make your lessons more engaging, impactful, and equitable! *This session will also be recorded and published on our website if you are unable to participate synchronously.

Navigating Ethical Al: Interactive Lessons and Equitable Practices for Educators

Tuesday, July 23 from 2-3:00 pm PT/ 4-5:00 pm CT/ 5-6:00 pm ET
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Facilitators: Victoria Delaney, Kip Glazer, and Matt Matilla

This session will delve into innovative resources and practices developed through the CRAFT Co-Design Fellowship with Stanford Graduate School of Education and the Institute for Human-Centered Al. Participants will experience an interactive lesson that stimulates discussions about AI’s ethical challenges, developed specifically to encourage student engagement, boost critical thinking, and collaboration. Additionally, we will explore the AI Bill of Rights for Educators, created by the EngageAI Institute, and discuss strategies for implementing equitable and ethical AI practices in educational settings. *This session will also be recorded and published on our website if you are unable to participate synchronously.

Envisioning Future Classrooms with Teachable Robots, Neuroimaging, and Educational Data Mining: A Computer Science Education Research Workshop for PK-12 teachers

Tuesday, July 30 from 1-3 pm PT/ 3- 5 pm CT/ 4- 6 pm ET
Thursday, August 1 from 9-11 am PT/ 11 am- 1 pm CT/ 12-2 pm ET

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Facilitators: Dr. Cassandra Kelley, Deniz Sonmez Unal, and Sarina Saran

As part of a broader impact research study being conducted by members of our team at the University of Pittsburgh, Educator CIRCLS invites PK-12 teachers to participate in a virtual workshop that will present research findings with opportunities for exploration with guided activities, interactive simulations, and collaborative discussions. It will focus on two unique research projects in the field of Computer Science (CS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused on:

The session will also engage PK-12 teachers in reflective conversation about how professional learning programs for CS Education are designed and facilitated for research dissemination in order to better understand their impacts on practice. For further details, please see our workshop schedule and study information letter. If you are interested in participating, we encourage you to complete this registration form.