CIRCLS’23: Keynotes and Plenaries

The video recordings of the CIRCLS’23 Keynotes and Plenaries showcase the convening’s purpose to “Shape AI and Emerging Technologies to Empower Learning Communities” as we embarked on a narrative journey to prioritize educational goals and values as we design and investigate AI and other emerging technologies. The plenaries contributed to a conversation about envisioning a future where learning communities are empowered by ethical technologies grounded in sound, inclusive principles and strong partnerships.

CIRCLS’23: Youth Panel

The Youth Panel at the CIRCLS'23 Convening provided a space for four young co-designers to share their experiences working on projects on technologies for neurodiverse audiences.
CIRCLS'23: NSF Funding Opportunities Panel

CIRCLS’23: NSF Funding Opportunities Panel

NSF’s Amy Baylor gave a clarifying presentation of the proposal opportunities available both via the RITEL solicitation and in other NSF calls for proposals. View the presentation slides.

CIRCLS’23 Keynote: Marcelo Worsley

Marcelo Worsley provided powerful examples of how to empower learning communities through multimodal technologies. Marcelo shared stories of how his understanding of priorities like social justice and accessible & inclusive technologies evolved through his interactions with youth and community members.

CIRCLS’23 Keynote: Meredith Broussard

Meredith Broussard argued for a narrative change as we conceptualize the roles of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Dr. Broussard gave compelling examples of bias in the datasets used to train AI and pointed cases where algorithmic discrimination leads to injustices. She offered algorithm audits as an important focus for future research and policy.