Equitable Learning in Immersive and Augmented Environments

This session will explore the topics of equity and learning in the context of emerging technologies (e.g., augmented, virtual, or mixed reality environments). As the application of these technologies to learning environments rapidly accelerates, the potential for disparities related to disability, socioeconomic status, and/or race is also growing. This discussion will center on how these emerging technology systems are designed to support learning and the significant challenges for designing them in ways that are culturally responsive and adaptive. In addition, the expense of equipment or lack of access can limit the participation of under-resourced students in engaging with these technologies. Accessibility for people with disabilities or medical conditions should be prioritized for equitable and inclusive learning practices. Drs. Veronica Ahumada, Lorna Quandt, and Robb Lindgren will briefly introduce these topics and lead a discussion wherein participants will be welcome to engage with these topics as related to their own work or the broader field.