CIRCLS’23 Expertise Exchanges

The purpose of the Expertise Exchange sessions at CIRCLS’23 is for session leaders with some expertise in a topic to (1) share information with participants who want to learn more about the topic, (2) provide a forum for participants to discuss how they might incorporate the topic into their work, and (3) broker connections between community members who are interested in a topic. Session leaders are asked to allocate at least half of the session for interactive participation.

Expertise Exchange sessions will take place on Day 1 of the meeting, November 2nd. Sessions will occur at 11AM and 3:15PM. Room names are available underneath each Expertise Exchange session title.

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Expertise Exchange Sessions

Thursday, November 2nd, 2023: 11:00AM

Data Science Education — Engaging and serving multiple perspectives
Rosta Farzan, Chad Dorsey – Bell Room

Empowering students, teachers, and researchers with multimodal analytics
Marcelo Worsely, Cynthia D’Angelo, Gautam Biswas, Nicole Hutchins – Whitney Room

Envisioning the Future of AI-Enhanced Learning: Visions of Three NSF Institutes
Peter Foltz, Cindy Hmelo-Silver, H. Chad Lane, James Lester – Ballroom

Exploring the unique affordances of augmented/virtual reality for learning research
Lorna Quandt, Robb Lindgren, Zhen Bai, David Gagnon – Banneker Room

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Collaboration through Value Surfacing
Tina Cheuk, Sulare Rose, Marjorie Zielke, Erin Walker, Stephen Uzzo, Leah Friedman – Wright Room

Thursday, November 2nd, 2023: 3:15PM

Addressing Ethics, Bias, and Equity in when researchers building AI models: methodologies and approaches
Anirban Roy, Pati Ruiz, Angela E.B. Stewart, Collin Lynch – Banneker Room

Co-design of Educational Technologies: Navigating Critical Tensions towards Hopeful Futures
Breanne K. Litts, Michael Alan Chang, Yolanda A. Rankin – Bell Room

Computing tools and methods for supplementing research and design of technology for teaching and learning
John Stamper, Aditi Mallavarapu, Alejandra J. Magana – Whitney Room

Contributing to policy conversations about AI in education
Jeremy Roschelle, Kevin Johnstun, Wendy Nilsen, Valerie Crawford-Meyer, Son Pham, Drew Olsson, NNeka McGee – Ballroom

Learning through Conversational AI: Technical, Learning Sciences, and Ethical Considerations
Erin Walker, Ying Xu, Shari Gardner – Wright Room