Exploring the unique affordances of augmented/virtual reality for learning research

This is an expertise exchange in the CIRCLS’23 Expertise Exchange session

Session Leaders: Lorna Quandt, Gallaudet University; Robb Lindgren, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Zhen Bai, University of Rochester; David Gagnon, Field Day @ University of Wisconsin – Madison

Come hear from four researchers involved in AR/VR-supported learning science research: exploring embodied learning experiences for K-12 AI education (Zhen Bai); creating new immersive approaches for learning sign language in virtual reality by interacting with animated signing teachers (Lorna Quandt); using AR/VR environments to show how students leverage space and gesture to build explanations and personal understanding of STEM phenomena (Robb Lindgren); developing VR learning games and data infrastructure to build models of learner thinking and affect. Following this introduction, all participants will conduct a design activity to push the boundaries of what kinds of new research questions could be investigated by augmented, virtual, or extended reality technologies. Each small group will, with guidance from the four presenters, develop a possible research idea with a learning science innovation and a technology innovation. Each research idea will tackle the question of how AR/VR can shed light on the learning process in a new way that is not possible with traditional technologies. At the conclusion of the session, groups will report out with project ideas,