Facilitating Interdisciplinary Collaboration through Value Surfacing

This is an expertise exchange in the CIRCLS’23 Expertise Exchange session

Session Leaders: Tina Cheuk, Sulare Rose, Marjorie Zielke, Erin Walker, Stephen Uzzo, Leah Friedman

Interdisciplinary collaborations are powerful in the way that they bring together people with different expertises and perspectives to solve complex real-world problems. However, they pose challenges to participants, who often come in with different goals and values, and may struggle to converge on a shared understanding and purpose. In this session, we will introduce some methods employed in an AI CIRCLS Project Incubator for facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations, with a focus on future-thinking activities designed to surface values and help project groups come together. Participants in the session will engage in one of these activities themselves as an introduction to how these methods function and their potential benefits and drawbacks. We will then collectively reflect on the ways in which those methods were effective or ineffective for surfacing individuals’ values and assisting individuals in resolving conflicts in the values that arose.