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Three Visionary Projects Using AI in Education

One of my favorite things about our Summer of AI is learning about cyberlearning projects and how they might benefit future students. In this post, I want to showcase three projects that caught my attention because they use AI in different ways and for different ages. When we began in June, I was thinking AI might be mostly about robots in STEM classes or general AIs like Siri or Alexa.

STEM Multiplex for All, Ambitious Mashups Highlights

The Multiplex is an online, free, interactive platform featuring over 800 short videos that showcase federally funded projects aimed at transforming science, technology, engineering, math, and computer science learning. Researchers, educators, policy makers and parents are invited to learn about cutting-edge efforts to improve STEM education. Videos presented span multiple disciplines and reflect efforts in […]

NSF is Hiring!


November, 2020

Hiring the following: Informal STEM Education Program Officer/Director; Science Education Program Officer/Director; Science Education Program Officer/Director

Cyberlearning Workshop Reports: Principles for the Design of Digital STEM Learning Environments

Download the report: Emerging Directions from the Workshop Leaders Summit (PDF) White papers on each workshop are available below; see also the Cyberlearning Community Report. NSF challenged interdisciplinary science and engineering teams to produce plans for developing forward-looking, highly adaptable, distributed digital environments that can personalize learning for diverse learners in collaborative settings. This challenge […]