Virtual Learning Lab College of Education University of Florida

Podcast series: Fairness and Equity in AI for Education

Organized by the Virtual Learning Lab at the University of Florida

The opportunities and dangers of using educational products driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in schools and universities are explored through the lenses of fairness and equity. This is a limited podcast series with five interviews with researchers in the fields of artificial intelligence, learning analytics, ethics and student privacy.

  • Episode 1 – Alan Rubel – The Dangers of Offloading Decisions to AI
  • Episode 2 – Beverly Woolf – Including Diversity in AI
  • Episode 3 – Kyle Jones – Giving students voice in applications of AI
  • Episode 4 – Rene Kizilcec – Scalable AI to broaden participation
  • Episode 5 – Michael Madaio – Social and technical solutions to fairness in AI
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