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Multimedia Learning of Engineering Economics through Role Play Gaming on a Mobile Platform: 1140457

Principal Investigator: Alberto Marquez
CoPrincipal Investigator(s): Weihang Zhu, Julia Yoo
Organization: Lamar University

This project, led by Lamar University, is increasing the knowledge base in how people learn using mobile computing technology by investigating the use of mobile technologies in an Engineering Economics course. The mobile technology allows a ubiquitous learning environment suitable to student lifestyle constraints. Specifically the project is studying the effectiveness of mobile technology in promoting deep and lasting learning of content, practice, skills and attitudes. Expected results include more student engagement and better performance on in-class exams. Smart phone apps developed by the project include role-playing games that allow students to interact with the app or with fellow students. The project uses formative and summative assessment to continuously guide the researchers in assessing the results. This study has application in a number of STEM education areas and therefore will significantly improve STEM education.

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