Make a STEM for All Video Showcase Video

WHY make a showcase video
The NSF STEM for All videos are a great way to document and disseminate information about your project. You can use them as an engaging start to a conference presentation or as a “calling card” that you can share with potential partners or research participants. CIRCLS can promote your video through our website, social media, and newsletter. We would also be happy to help you think through how to turn your video into a Design Reflection or Primer for our Rapid Community Report series.

WHO can make a showcase video
This can be a great opportunity to give others on your project an opportunity to tell the story of your research on emerging technology from their perspective, and promote their own specific research. Graduate students, staff, teachers and postdocs can all star in showcase videos!

WHEN you need to register and submit your video
If you are interested, you should visit the project website and register for the showcase for more information. Please let us know if you plan to make a video so we can support and promote your work!

HOW to do make a showcase video—get creative
If you are wondering how to create a video with COVID-related social distancing restrictions, the STEM for All team has created a webinar to help you with that. Some examples that they give for compelling ways to present your work include:


  • Can you tell the story of your emerging technologies design, perhaps from multiple perspectives? Leaving the audience with something to think about. A design story could be turned into a Design Reflection for publication in the Rapid Community Report series.

News broadcast

  • Take us to 2027, when your emerging technology project has led to important new things happening in learning. What do we see? We could make “news from the future” a section in our CIRCLS newsletter.
    We are particularly interested in helping the public understand applications of AI to learning and teaching that will be important in the future. Make a “60 minutes” with investigative reporting on the future of AI that you envision or worry about.

Vlog style

  • Could you have teachers, students or other users give a ‘sneak peak’ or a review of your design? CIRCLS could help you find interested educators from our Educator CIRCLS community.
    Could you give an informative and personal account of a new concept that is important to your emerging technology research? Enlist a graduate student or postdoc in this discussion and we can share this video with our new Emerging Scholar CIRCLS community.

Tutorial video

  • Suppose your innovation is about collaborative learning. Could you share why collaborative learning is important to you and explain what teachers and students could be doing with readily available technologies now? This form of video could be transformed into a Primer for our Rapid Community Report series.


  • Could you give a demo of your approach, and perhaps overlay some annotations that highlight particular theories, insights, etc.?