Educator CIRCLS 2023 Activities

Are you a teacher or school administrator interested in innovations in Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies for teaching and learning? Join the Educator CIRCLS community this summer to share knowledge, gain new connections, and learn about the latest in technology and research.



As a member of Educator CIRCLS, you will have access to:

🖥️ A series of summer webinars and relationship-building opportunities

🗨️The CIRCLS’23 convening as an Educator CIRCLS Practitioner Fellow where you’ll meet educators and researchers designing the future of teaching and learning (travel costs covered)

Don’t miss this chance to shape emerging technologies and empower learning communities. Read the FAQ about the summer series.

Schedule for Summer Series Sessions

CIRCLS ‘23 Information Sessions

These sessions are designed to connect practitioners with the CIRCLS community and prepare for the CIRCLS ‘23 Convening. We have two sessions this summer if you are interested in attending or want to learn more about CIRCLS. Attending any of the summer sessions does not guarantee a spot in the CIRCLS ‘23 Convening. Each Informational session will occur twice and you only need to attend one session. Sessions will also be recorded.

July 12th, 3-4PM ET OR July 13th, 12-1PM ET: Informational Session 1 – What is CIRCLS and the CIRCLS Convening?
Learn about CIRCLS and Educators CIRCLS! This first session introduces the center, the summer series, and in-practice educators who are in the CIRCLS community.

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August 1st, 2-3PM ET OR August 3rd, 1-2PM ET: Informational Session 2 – What to expect at the CIRCLS ‘23 Convening
In this second informational session, attendees dropped-in to ask about the CIRCLS ‘23 Convening and learn how to apply. Attendees shared their thoughts about what they would like to see at the convening.

Discussion Sessions

Join practitioners and researchers as they share their experiences on each session topic and build relationships. Discussion Sessions are open to anyone and there will be an option to receive a participation certificate. We encourage attending multiple sessions, but you are not required to attend all of them.

July 18th, 2-3PM ET: Overview of Emerging Technologies and AI in Education
Get an overview about issues and research in AI in Education. The session was based on the recent report on Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Teaching and Learning from the Office of Educational Technology.

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July 20th, 1-2PM ET: Assessment, Identity, and Agency
What is the role of AI when grading, and how does it affect both student and teacher identity and agency? Attendees shared their experiences on how AI grading systems have affected how they and their students who have used these systems feel.

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July 25th, 2-3PM ET: Collaborative Learning and Community Building
What does it look like to leverage AI for collaborative learning? Attendees learned about and shareed their experiences with building community with their colleagues and in small groups in the classroom.

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July 27th, 1-2PM ET: Equitable and Ethical Practices and Interactions
What does AI neglect when it comes to the needs of historically excluded populations, both among students and teachers? Attendees learned about the AI Bill of Rights for Teachers and shareed how they use or can use it in their classrooms.

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August 2nd, 1-2PM ET: Social Robotics
Learn about the design of intelligent robots with social behaviors and their potential roles in learning settings. Discuss how you see robotics technologies fitting into your classroom.

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August 15th, 2-3PM: Learning and Productivity Register
Teacher and student insight and feedback in AI-backed educational technologies development is crucial for building effective, trustworthy implementations. Hear about student and teacher recommendations and share yours, plus think about what we as a community can do next.