CIRCLS’21: Strategy Sessions

Remake Broadening CIRCLS21 Convening September 13 and 14, 2021

A small groups of participants connected during Strategy Sessions to brainstorm recommendations about how to remake broadening as it relates to various topics of interest to the CIRCLS community.

Broadening Research Methods

Broadening in Research Methods: Research for Inclusive Design
This small group will think through strategies for ensuring that our program designs and design research processes are structured to be inclusive of a wide range of stakeholders.

Broadening in Research Methods: New Human-Technology Interactions
This small group will strategize around how new human-technology interaction paradigms such as XR, tangible interfaces, and wearables can be leveraged to broaden how we conduct research, with whom, and for what purposes.

Broadening in Research Methods: Learning Analytics
This small group will strategize around the future of LA as a powerful approach for understanding and advancing learning and teaching. Participants will reflect on past/present success of LA and then provide ‘feed-forward’ in terms of future directions, scale, impact.

Broadening in Research Methods: Talking with an AI
This small group will discuss strategies for broadening conversation with intelligent agents. Possible topics include who is represented in the design of these agents, what purpose these agents should serve in order to enhance their impact, and strategies to scale up the agents developed.

Broadening in Convergence Research

Broadening in Convergence Research: Forming New Collaborations for AI & Ed Futures
This group will brainstorm new research collaborations and imagine where they land us in the more distant future. We will consider how we can shape AI & Ed futures to be more inclusive and transdisciplinary.

Broadening in Convergence Research: Ambitious Mashups
This small group will discuss how research on emerging technologies and learning sciences can draw from each other and other disciplines to broaden in all senses: participation, impact, and scope.

Broadening in Research Impacts

Broadening in Research Impacts: AI & Education Policy
This small group will discuss modes of extending research on AI & Ed to the realm of policy, including who must be involved in the policy conversation, what policies are still needed in the realm of AI & Ed, and strategies for the CIRCLS community to connect with policy work.

Broadening in Research Impacts: Communication & Dissemination
This small group will discuss opportunities to broaden channels of communication that can be used to increase the visibility of funded scholarly research. Participants can share successful dissemination stories and lessons learned when trying to broaden their communication. Aims include the identification of non-academic venues and products that can be targeted to raise awareness among the general public, domain-relevant education communities and industries.

Broadening in Research Impacts: Diversity Equity and Inclusion
This small group will discuss how we can broaden the kind of impacts we intend for our projects to have so that we are focused not only on enhancing learning but also striving to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion in the use of emerging technologies in education.

Broadening in Research Lifecycle

Broadening in Research Lifecycle: Proposals
This small group will discuss how we can remake our proposals to ensure that we are including a wide range of relevant stakeholders, communities, and organizations in conceiving of projects, planning them and writing proposals to secure funding for them.

Broadening in Research Lifecycle: Projects
This small group will identify strategies for reaching more diverse communities, organizations and stakeholders as projects plan, implement, revise and scale up.