Mapping Learners Sensemaking

by Yianna Vovides

Within the context of a three-part course series, offered as a professional certificate as part of the GeorgetownX curriculum on EdX, we developed a case analysis app that guides learners through cases that examine ethical dilemmas. The guided experience was designed to follow a reflective sensemaking model and scaffold learners in examining how they make ethical decisions.
We completed the first run of the courses and are examining the patterns of engagement both on the edX platform and on the app itself. From this initial exploratory effort, we aim to understand how to map the learner engagement along the sensemaking model and identify ways to enhance the experience itself. Ultimately the question we want to be able to answer in the future is: how does engagement with one’s own learning analytics (capture and visualization of learning processes) influence persistence in the learning process and learning outcomes.

Poster/Demo link.