An Affective Class Report Card and Dashboard

by Beverly Woolf

We developed a report card and dashboard that provide teachers with social and emotional information about students’ many reactions while working online, including various levels of engagement and emotions (e.g. confusion, excitement, frustration). Having such information automatically accessible to teachers (or digital tutors) will aid in understanding how students progress and suggest when and who needs further assistance. We conducted two development and research studies – one that assessed teachers’ perception of the affective report card and a second that assessed a live affective dashboard that senses students’ affect and performance in a live class that used MathSpring, an online tutoring system for middle school students. We used computer vision techniques to measure students’ engagement and affective states from their facial expressions while they used the tutoring system. This poster will summarize both the report card and affective dashboard, the research studies and results, the implications, and future planned experiments for the next phase of this research.

Poster/Demo link.