A Tool to Support Peer Critique and Automated Debriefing for Simulation-based Training of Paramedics

by Sandra Katz

This poster will present an overview of an early-stage Cyberlearning project that has two main goals. Its practical goal is to develop a tablet-based tool to support peer critique while paramedic students (ultimately, healthcare students in general) perform simulation-based training (SBT) scenarios. Each scenario will be followed by an automated debriefing that is based on students’ checklist ratings of their peers’ performance as emergency care providers during the scenario. The project’s research goal is to extend the knowledge base on debriefing in healthcare training. Although debriefing is purported to be one of SBT’s most critical components, there is little empirical research to guide human and automated debriefing. We are implementing and will compare the effectiveness of alternative approaches to automated debriefing. In this project’s initial phase we recorded, transcribed, and analyzed a substantial sample of realistic, prehospital care scenarios that took place during actual training labs, including the debriefings that experienced instructors provided. Our poster will focus on the insights that we gained from this data about how to implement a conversational agent that can provide automated debriefings. Poster presentation will be supplemented by a brief demo of the tablet-based checklist that provides input to the automated tutor/debriefer.

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