Using the Learning Sciences and Computational Approaches to Develop Assessments and Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Learning Environments with Artificial Intelligence informed by Learning Analytics have the power to transform learning and assessment. Session facilitators will begin with discussions on the different perspectives of AI that have informed their work on assessment and intelligent tutoring systems. In the session, we will discuss how different approaches (e.g., learning sciences and computer science) can be used together to design and develop powerful systems for assessment and learning. We consider the tools and lenses that computer scientists and learning scientists use and discuss how these can be brought together in a shared interdisciplinary view. How do computer scientists use AI methods (such as but not limited to NLP, ML) and data mining techniques? How do learning scientists use theory to create psychologically valid ways to understand learning within emerging technological systems? We will also consider what additional pieces and perspectives we need to ensure that equity is considered in the development of AI systems. As time allows we will consider how different stakeholders such as learners, families, educators, and researchers can all work together in the design of such systems.