AI CIRCLS Resource: Community Partnerships in Research

During the AI CIRCLS series on community partnerships, we convened speakers with experience in community partnerships for six sessions of presentations and discussions. Sessions centered on partnerships with schools and formal learning environments and partnerships with community organizations that create opportunities for learning outside of school. Discussions were approached through a specific lens of equity and social justice in establishing community partnerships, grounded in the RETTL context (with a particular focus on AI and education).

From the series, two resources emerged for the CIRCLS community to reference when establishing, building, and maintaining their partnerships. We are excited to share those resources here.

Community Partnerships Planning Guide
This template is meant for researchers who are looking to become better partners with their non-academic collaborators. You will find a series of guiding questions developed from themes presented by our speakers. Reflection Areas in this template include:

  1. Pre-work and goal setting
  2. Co-creating partnerships
  3. Power dynamics
  4. Institutional and IRB practices
  5. School partnerships
  6. Community and family relationships
  7. Final reflections

Read the full planning guide here.

Community Partnerships Takeaways
This summary document describes ideas that were covered in the AI CIRCLS Community Partnership series. You’ll find an overview of ideas discussed by the following speakers:

  1. The Noise Project
    Featuring Makeda “Dread” Cheatom, Marily Lopez Fretts, Karen Purcell, Berenice
    Rodriquez, Phyllis E. Turner, Bobby Wilson
  2. School Partnerships
    Featuring Jamie Lewsadder and Emily Nestor (CTO at La Canada United School District
    and Technology Specialist at Talladega County Schools, respectively)
  3. Informal Science Centers
    Featuring Andres Henriquez (formerly NY Hall of Science)
  4. Daigwade Project
    Featuring Breanne Litts, Rios Pacheco, Patty Timbimboo-Madsen, Lilly Martinez, and Brayden Gulso
  5. Chicago Beyond
    Featuring Jon Ervin

Read the full summary document here.

Erin Walker, Leah M. Friedman, Kip Glazer