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Artificial Intelligence in Educat...

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A Critical AI reading list focused on education and efforts to promote equity in the field.
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Book Review: Design Justice: Comm...

Design Jusice book cover
At educator CIRCLS we are having conversation around AI in Education, central to these are thes design justice principles described in this post.
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Explainable AI for Responsible AI

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There are several advantages to understanding how AI-enabled systems arrive at specific outputs. Read this post to learn more.
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Reflections on Coded Bias

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Our reflections on the film Coded Bias which highlights the work being done by organizations, data scientists, and activists.
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Educators, Artificial Intelligenc...

Eduators, Artificial Intelligence, and the future of Learning
Reflections on the Educators, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of Learning: Teacher Support Webinar.
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