Emerging Technology Advisory Group for PK-12

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We are pleased to announce the Educator CIRCLS Emerging Technology Advisory Group for PK-12. The advisory group is studying existing research in partnership with members of the CIRCLS community, to create practical policy recommendations. These recommendations will be designed to help school and district leaders protect individual privacy as they make decisions about the role of and use of AI and machine learning (ML) in schools and classrooms (e.g., the role of emerging technologies to augment a teacher and support rather than replace a teacher). The advisory group will also share their expertise and their recommendations will lead to the development of four main deliverables:

  1. A framework for the adoption of emerging technology tools and systems within PK-12 learning spaces.
  2. A checklist with questions and considerations for educators and administrators to reference when making decisions about emerging learning technology within PK-12 educational spaces.
  3. An executive summary of the work of the advisory group to inform the creation of the framework and checklist.
  4. A webinar to launch the cumulative work of the advisory group and share findings with the CIRCLS research community.

Advisory Group Members

Sheryl Arriola, Instructional Facilitator, STEM+CS, Broward County Public Schools, FL
Belinda Beckford, Instructional Facilitator for STEM + Computer Science, Broward County Public Schools, FL
Valerie Crawford-Meyer, Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Coach, Broward County Public Schools, FL
Andy Fekete, Instructional Technology Specialist, Indian Prairie School District, IL
Kip Glazer, High School Principal, CA
Adam Kurth, Director of Technology and Innovation, Iowa City Community School District, IA
Lin Lin, Professor of Learning Technologies and Learning Sciences, University of North Texas, TX
David Lockett, Assistant Director K12 Outreach, Meharry School of Applied Computational Sciences, TN


Pati Ruiz, Lead
Eleanor Richard
Judi Fusco
Carly Chillmon
Sherry Loftin
Sarah Hampton
Zohal Shah