Emerging Scholar Professional Development

Past Professional Development Sessions
4. Joint Professional Development Session: Proposal Development for the ISLS Emerging Scholar Program
Date and time: September 2, 2022, at 12-1:30 PM Eastern, 9-10:30 AM Pacific
Session goals: Participants will learn about the ISLS Emerging Scholar Program proposal development and review and selection process.
Session description: Emerging Scholar CIRCLS and the International Society of Learning Sciences (ISLS) Emerging Scholar Program invite you to join us at noon EST on Friday, September 2, 2022, for a joint 90-minute session on Proposal Development for the ISLS Emerging Scholar Program. In this session, Dr. Leema Berland will review ISLS Emerging Scholar Program goals, answer questions about creating competitive proposals, and review key features of previous successful applications.

3. Professional Development Session: Exploring Career Options: Postdoctoral Positions
Date and time: April 27, 2022, at 1- 2 PM Eastern, 9 -10 AM Pacific
Session goals: Participants will learn about:

  • Sources for finding the postdoctoral positions
  • Applying and interviewing process
  • How to be successful and make the most of the postdoctoral training.

Session description: In this interactive session, our panelists will share their experiences about applying for and working in postdoctoral positions with different types of institutions and answer attendees’ questions. Please join us for a candid conversation about how to find, apply for, and be successful in postdoctoral positions.

2. Professional Development Session: NSF Session for Emerging Scholars: Getting Your First Funding
Date and time: September 13, 2021, 2:05 – 2:45 PM, Day 1, CIRCLS ‘21 Convening
Session goals: Attendees will learn key aspects of successful grant proposals and learn about the following parts of the process:

  • NSF program solicitation,
  • NSF panel review, the award, and post-award processes
  • Finding proposal development resources at your own institution.

Session description: In this session geared for graduate students and recent graduates, Dr. Stephanie Teasley, an NSF RETTL Program Officer and research professor at the University of Michigan, will discuss what you need to know as you prepare to submit your first proposal for research funding. Attendees will learn about the key aspects of successful proposals and how to find helpful resources for proposal development. Dr. Teasily will discuss NSF solicitation, panel review, and the award processes, including what the reviewers focus on and what happens once the panel has reviewed the proposals. She will also share information about finding institutional resources available to researchers at their own academic institutions and how to take advantage of them during proposal development. Please join us for this session focused on helping emerging scholars to understand what is needed to get their first funding.

1. Professional Development Session: How to Have a Good Conference
Date and time: July 20, 2021, at 12-1 PM Eastern, 9-10 AM Pacific
Session goals:

  • Serve as an information session for the CIRCLS’21 Convening
  • Provide the Emerging Scholars with transferable knowledge relevant for other conferences and engagements with NSF.

Session description: Please join us for an Emerging Scholar CIRCLS session in which we provide a brief introduction to the Center for Integrative Research in Computing and Learning Sciences (CIRCLS) and its funding agency, the National Science Foundation (NSF). We will then discuss the details of the CIRCLS’21 Convening, scheduled for Sept 13 and 14, 2021. Learn about session types, senior researchers who will be in attendance, and opportunities to engage! Most importantly, we will focus on making the most of your time at CIRCLS’21 or any other conference.