Call to Action

We invite members of the CIRCLS community and beyond to tell us about how you are taking action to shift from broadening to empowering. We welcome your comments and thoughts via this form.

In addition, here are some specific opportunities for action that are currently available:

  1. Become a RETTL reviewer, so you can directly provide input on proposals aligned with our community’s vision and learn more about the RETTL awards.
  2. Join one of our Expertise Exchanges, a hub where researchers, graduate students, teachers, and other education stakeholders can connect and share knowledge.
  3. Write a Rapid Community Report, a brief, informative, peer-reviewed, citable, open access publication that contributes to both the research community and broader audiences.
  4. Share this report with your colleagues and friends! Follow us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn for more updates.
  5. Explore the CIRCLS’21 convening website to learn more about the event.