Rapid Community Reports: Call for Special Issue

The ISLS Publications Committee, in conjunction with the ISLS Equity and Justice Committee and the CIRCLS team, announce a call for Rapid Community Reports (RCRs) on the topic of Anti-Racist approaches in the Learning Sciences — these are tools, designs, or methods that would be instrumental and action-oriented in achieving more equitable learning. RCRs are brief, peer-reviewed, citable, open access publications. The primary audience for RCRs is researchers working at the intersection of technology, learning sciences, and equity research, but also importantly provides state-of-the-art briefs for broader audiences, including educators, developers, and policy makers with interest in the research. We seek primers, workshop reports, and design reflections that would inform our community of ways in which we can be anti-racist learning scientists:
  • Primers. A primer is a concise introduction to a learning sciences concept. We seek primers for established concepts that provide foundations for anti-racist learning sciences projects, for example: positioning, identity, or agency. Primers should explain how and why a particular concept would be used in learning sciences designs and research, and provide pointers for where a reader could learn more.
  • Workshop outcomes. A brief overview of the process and outcomes of the deliberations of an R&D community on a focused topic — for example, if community members have a workshop or symposium that tackles themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion, recommendations could be reported in this format.
  • Design Reflections. These reports describe an innovative design for learning including its basis in established and novel research. We would be interested to have design reflections from projects that are incorporating anti-racist elements into their design process.
To learn more about these formats and how to submit, visit the instructions for authors or email us directly with any questions or proposed RCRs.