University of Maine Postdoctoral Research Associate

This position will advance an NSF-funded project to motivate interest in STEM topics by allowing Minecraft users to ask “What if?” questions about the Earth, such as “What if the Moon didn’t exist?” or “What if the Earth was a moon,” and explore the consequences of these variation in the popular video game Minecraft. The project also seeks to provide educational opportunities related to the search for exoplanets, addressing questions of detecting exoplanets and determining their habitability. The selected candidate will be charged with creating models and supporting the implementation of Minecraft versions of fictional and known planets. Specifically, this postdoc position will be tasked with providing: calculations, observed evidence (from other researchers), and possibly simulations, for the targeted worlds to be built in Minecraft.

Search Timeline is as follows:
Review of applications to begin: April 1, 2021
On-site interviews to begin no earlier than: April 15, 2021
Tentative start date: September 1, 2021

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