Postdoctoral Scholars of Color: Digital Promise

Digital Promise is seeking two (2) postdoctoral scholars who identify as BIPOC, each for a two-year position. Each scholar will be a member of our Learning Sciences Research Community of Practice, where they will join team meetings/convenings, collaborate with other members, and contribute to our communications and publications, as well as participate in opportunities to advance our shared work.

Each scholar will bring their own area of expertise and will be expected to spend approximately 40% of their time advancing their own work—such as analyzing data, writing about, or continuing a research partnership with a school—ideally in discussion with Digital Promise researchers. We seek areas of expertise such as assessment, early learning, critical theory, culturally responsive design, multilingual learning, design research with emerging technologies, equity and ethics with AI and other emerging technologies, learning analytics, co-design and other participatory research approaches, as well as adult workforce learning. — Digital Promise welcomes all expertises that could fruitfully intersect with Digital Promise’s initiatives, and their Challenge Map and North Star goals.

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