Postdoctoral Fellow at Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach

Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) invites applications for a joint full-time postdoctoral scholar to work on studying undergraduate teaching and learning. The position will be part of a project that is exploring how to create resources and tools to support student-centered, hands-on engineering and robotics learning in Rwanda, Brazil, and Kenya. Leveraging ideas from learning through play, makerspaces, and engineering education, the Tufts team is working collaboratively with country-based partners to co-design hands-on materials, teacher professional development, and educational activities focused on the primary/elementary years. Together with partners at each of the sites, our collaborative design process will jointly explore different dimensions of play, making, and engineering in classrooms. Taking an asset-based approach, our co-designs will work to amplify local funds of knowledge and repertoires of practice in classroom practice. The network of researchers and local educational partners provides opportunities to explore collaborations at a distance and models of research partnership that can expand our understandings of how play, making, and engineering enrich classroom learning.

The position requires a PhD and experience in qualitative research. Applications are encouraged from those with backgrounds in K-12 STEM education, particularly in the primary/elementary years (ages 5-12). Experience in the focal countries (Rwanda, Brazil, Kenya) or supportive language skills for working in those countries is highly desired. Any expertise in studying responsive teaching or teacher noticing, design or facilitation of teacher professional development, learning through play-based approaches, engineering education or makerspace work, should be highlighted on the letter of application.

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