Technology for Learning and Social Change Professor Level Position

The University of Pittsburgh School of Computing and Information (SCI) is seeking to hire an experienced and visionary faculty member at the associate professor/full professor level in the broad area of technology for learning and social change. This role requires an accomplished leader capable of building, leading, and growing a cluster of expertise dedicated to technology for learning and social change, with the explicit research agenda of advancing technology-oriented educational, social and racial justice. This position is expected to engage in active and scholarly research that considers, improves, or creates state-of-the-art technologies as well as opportunities to solve specific societal problems, deepen social impact, and improve lives. We seek transdisciplinary researchers who may or may not fit into traditional departmental divisions but are distinguished by excellence and dedication to social justice. We are particularly interested in individuals who work at the intersection of computing and information with other areas including but not limited to Africana Studies, Artificial intelligence, Communications, Computational social science, Education, Educational psychology, Gender studies, Human-computer interaction, Law, Learning sciences, Public policy, Responsible data science, or Social work.

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