Call for Participation: ISLS 2022 Workshop on AI and Educational Policy

CIRCLS team members are excited to be organizing a pre-conference workshop at ISLS 2022 on the topic of artificial intelligence and education policy!

Date and Time
The workshop will take place on June 2nd, 2022 and requires registration for the International Society of the Learning Sciences Annual Meeting 2022 (ISLS). The workshop will be held virtually and workshop time(s) will be determined by the location of attendees and decided after registration. There is a possibility we will run components of this workshop twice or asynchronously depending on participant needs.

We invite you to apply for the workshop using the following link:

We ask that participants in the workshop commit to:

  1. One hour of pre-reading
  2. Submitting a summary of the pre-reading and/or reflection to the workshop organizers
  3. Summarizing their reading for workshop attendees

There will also be opportunities to participate in a joint write-up after the workshop ends.

All members of the ISLS community are welcome to apply and we especially encourage applications from graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early career scholars. We expect to include about 25 to 35 people in this workshop.

Please register as early as possible so we can have an accurate headcount.Our registration deadline is March 24th to allow time for pre-work.

Please visit the ISLS website for more information on conference registration:

About this workshop:
This workshop centers global discussions around artificial intelligence (AI) and education policy. Our objective is to engage and prepare learning scientists as participants in future national, regional, and international discussions about AI and the future of learning. We see learning scientists as necessary to these discussions because of their strengths in understanding the details of learning processes. The issues at hand are too important and challenging to leave only to those who are currently experts in AI or policy. Thus, this workshop is intended for all ISLS attendees, including faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, educators, policymakers, and any other interested parties.

The workshop’s overarching goal is to set aside time to learn about a complex set of social and political issues and consider how workshop participants can become more actively involved. Our goals include:

  1. Learning about new waves of AI in learning sciences, considering both opportunities and risks
  2. Learning what different nations, regions, and international organizations are already doing with regard to policy for AI in education
  3. Discussing how learning scientists can become productively involved
  4. Developing an initial personal plan for action

The workshop scope is further defined based on participant interests as indicated in their application to participate. For example, we may restrict the focus to AI in the learning sciences (or not); to teaching students about AI or how AI is used by teachers; or possibly to limit the scope to particular issues such as data privacy or user agency, or frameworks such as responsible AI, human-centered AI, ethical AI, etc. Our overall scoping goal is to refine the focus of the workshop based on participant interests so that the workshop is active and leads to creating a personal plan of action.

In this workshop, we’re building off of the work of AI CIRCLS’ working group on AI and education policy. We thank each and every member of that group for their contributions. Please visit the working group webpage for more information:

Workshop organizers:
Leah M. Friedman, University of Pittsburgh
Dalila Dragnić-Cindrić, Digital Promise
Michael Alan Chang, UC Berkeley
Deblina Pakhira, Digital Promise
Judi Fusco, Digital Promise
Erin Walker, University of Pittsburgh
Jeremy Roschelle, Digital Promise