First International Workshop on Human-Centred Learning Analytics (HCLA)

Date: April 11th, 2021

To be held at the 11th International Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference, LAK’ 21

This workshop seeks to build on the momentum from recent years within the LAK community, around the contributions that Human-Centred Design theory and practice should make to Learning Analytics system conception, design, implementation and evaluation. The term human-centred learning analytics (HCLA) was recently coined to refer to the subcommunity of LA researchers and practitioners interested in utilising the body of knowledge and practice from design communities, such as participatory design and co-design, into data-intensive educational contexts. Although there is a growing interest in designing LA systems with students and teachers, several questions still remain regarding how the LA community can appropriate design approaches from other communities and identify best practices that can be more suitable for LA developments. This workshop intends to address some of these questions.

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