Call for Papers: AIED 2022 Workshop on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Getting AI Experts and Education Stakeholders Talking

The NSF Institute for Student-AI Teaming (iSAT) will be hosting a virtual workshop at AIED 2022 on “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Getting AI Experts and Education Stakeholders Talking”. The workshop invites papers about:

  • specific ideas or approaches for interdisciplinary AIED research that connects researchers and stakeholders
  • research questions about how interdisciplinary research teams operate
  • barriers and specific challenges not encountered in more siloed teams
  • unique benefits that arise due to interdisciplinarity across collaborations
  • “lessons learned” from existing interdisciplinary teams that bridge the gap between AI and stakeholders.

The structure of the workshop will include presentations of accepted papers, followed by an in-depth small-group and whole-group discussion regarding common themes across presentations. Additional details can be found at the workshop website.

Paper submission deadline: June 27, 2022

Workshop day: July 27, 2022 or July 31, 2022 (TBD)