Community Partnership Series

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Introducing AI CIRCLS Community Partnership Discussions
Building on the momentum and ideas discussed during the CIRCLS’21 convening, AI CIRCLS hosted a discussion series focussed on building effective community/practitioner-research partnerships. The discussion series contained opportunities to learn and act; we hosted speakers with experience in community partnerships and asked participants to bring in their own questions, concerns, and experiences with establishing community partnerships.

We hosted sessions centering on partnerships with schools and formal learning environments and partnerships with community organizations that create opportunities for learning outside of school. Discussions were approached through a specific lens of equity and social justice in establishing community partnerships, grounded in the RETTL context (with a particular focus on AI and education) where partnerships are likely to involve use of emerging technologies that are unlikely to be fully realized.

Session Overview
AI CIRCLS’ discussion series on community partnerships kicked off on January 21st, 2022 and continued through April 1st, 2022. We hosted the following sessions and speakers:

Session 1: Friday, January 21st 1-2pm EST – Kickoff and Goal Setting
Session 2: Friday,February 4th 1-2pm EST – NOISE Project
Session 3: Friday, February 18th 1-2pm EST – Educators Jamie Lewsadder and Emily Nestor on Partnering with K-12 districts
Session 4: Friday, March 4th 1-2pm EST – Andres Henriquez on Partnering with Informal Science Learning Centers
Session 5: Friday, March 18th 1-2pm EST – Breanne Litts on Partnering with Tribal Nations, adjusting IRB, and continuing partnerships
Session 6: Friday, April 1st 1-2pm EST – Jon Ervin from Chicago Beyond

If you missed a session and are interested in seeing that session’s recording, please contact us and we will be happy to share it. We will also be updating this page with community resources in the coming weeks so keep checking back!

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